Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Bucket List...

Every summer, my son & I make our list of things we'd like to do together...sometimes this list involves day trips, or simply things like collecting bugs.  Last summer, I blogged about our summer list and we wrote out our wishes on sticky notes.  This summer, we wrote our wishes on clothespins and clipped them around the rim of a beach pail ~ hence our Summer Bucket List.

I wish the photo came out better.  The clips contain things like:  Museum of Science, firefly collecting, building a new swingset, out for breakfast, ice cream for dinner, hanging out with friends...
Well, here's to summer's unofficial end.  School begins this week for my little (big) man.  Wonder if I'll be a teary-eyed mom as he hops on the bus?  I'll wear my sunglasses that morning, just incase!!

Happy back-to-school!
xo Sarah