Monday, February 25, 2013

Arms of the Angels...

I'm a "smiling when it's raining" kind of gal...takes a lot to bring me down.  Today was one of those days.  Here's what is on my mind~

*it was Monday (Monday after vacation)
*I have been praying for two kiddos that we know who were recently diagnosed with leukemia
*my girlfriend's little man is fighting for his life at Boston Children's...God has heard his name a lot lately in my prayers
*a teacher I work with found out her breast cancer came back
*a young girl from our home town took her own life...

I rushed home from work, hugged my two loves at home, and spent extra time tonight tucking in my little man.  Count your blessings, take a breath, slow down, and spend some extra time with your family this week...and above all else, always say I love you to those you love. 

love you all,
xo Sarah

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

vacation project #1...

Between playdates, movie dates, dinner dates, and alone-time-dates, our vacation has been phenomenal so far!!
We've celebrated birthdays, had friends over, prayed for friends of ours that are going through the unthinkable, and taken time to complete a random act of kindness...

While my son had a friend over earlier this week, I tackled my 1st project of vacation...painting the inside of our built-in hutch in the dining room.  Our home was built in 1890 (love it!), and our hutch is just one of the many cool things in our old home.  I love the neutral tones in our home, and dark woodwork, but our hutch needed something to help make my great aunt's china POP!

Here's what I did...
The inside of my hutch WAS the same color as the walls...
I didn't make a huge change, just a shade or two darker...
I believe my great aunt would love her rose chintz china stacked on one shelf, and my sydenstricker stacked on the next...the darker color adds a little depth to my hutch.  I also hung a painting that I completed in college to the upper part...I hope to add in a wine bottle holder someday.  I love the simple change!  Onto project #2...

xo Sarah

Monday, February 18, 2013

Super Science Fun!

I believe our Super Science birthday party was a huge success...if five kids enjoyed themselves, laughed a lot, and had fun putting their hands in the messes of science, I'd say it was successful!
I'm also gauging my success on the smile on my son's face ~ he definitely had fun with his friends!
We completed 5 different science experiments, and each child went home with a lab book, magnifying glass, safety goggles, and (of course) a small goody bag. 
The kids had to 'scan' to enter the laboratory...
chose their own color safety goggles, and picked up a magnifying glass...
put on a scientist lab coat when they arrived (an oversized t shirt to keep their clothes clean),
...and the experimenting began!!
7~ how can that be?!  I hope to enjoy his birthday parties with him for as long as I can!  Now, for the rest of vacation...

xo Sarah

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Monday~

Helloooooooooooo Monday!

What a busy week it!!  My kitchen is painted, my son's room has had a redo (science bedroom blog post), so - of course - I'm planning my next home project.  Vacation is right around the corner, which means a little extra time for projects, friend & family get togethers, and a little down time too. 
This week ~ we're celebrating our 100th day of school in first grade, gearing up for Valentine's Day, and my little man turns 7 on Friday (holy moly).  His Science Party is Saturday (winter weather had better stay away...).  I promise to post pics. after the party! 

Have a great week ~ Happy Heart Day!!
xo Sarah