Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A new blog that I follow...check it out!

Be Different, Act Normal by Lorie...

You've got to check out Lorie's blog, and follow her on Pinterest.  I don't know Lorie personally, but her posts are fabulous.  LOVE this one...I should make this sign for my home.  Hmmmm, how long would my son last before he owed me a chore or two to gain back a toy?! 

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday...16 more days of school for me.  I'm looking forward to summer vacation!

xo Sarah

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art from the Heart...

I went to a benefit Saturday night, that one of my best friend's was a part was only a couple of hours out of the house, but it was a blast!  Many amazing artists were there.  I enjoyed checking out art work, sipping a beverage, chatting with my friend & her husband, and listening to some great live music. 
The chicken paintings...


Live music~ if playing an accordion wasn't amazing enough, her voice was incredible!!

Thanks again for a great night out, Dana!  Love ya & glad I was able to help a great cause!

xo Sarah

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gone, but I've been checking in...

Hello my friends~  I have had to let my blog go momentarily, but I promise this summer to be posting...there's lots to post about!  I've been busy, & for my own sake have needed to let this blog slide a little!  My family has had our home on the market since New Year's, and it is finally selling.  So exciting!  We LOVE our home, but it's time for our forever home ~ one that accommodates my husband and his diabetic foot problems, and a yard that accommodates our energetic son & dog. The home we're in now does not work for all of the surgeries my husband has gone through...
We have also found our dream home!  Let the packing of boxes begin!!  No stairs to get into this house - great access for my wonderful hubby- and a fenced in yard for our son & Basil, our black lab.  It also has the charm of being an older home, yet it's been flipped with many updates. 
I'm also packing boxes at school - yes, I am a bit of a crazy lady for taking this all on at once!  I will be switching from fourth grade to first grade, so I'm busy packing & purging at school, too!
Lots & lots to share soon, I promise!!

Now, to sip my coffee, enjoy the view of my backyard for a moment, & then get my little man ready for school!
Count your blessings!

xo Sarah

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"This moment, & who you are, is absolutely perfect"... email post that I look forward to receiving each week.  This one was too good not to share!

The 39th Lesson

Post written by Leo Babauta.
Today (April 30) is my 39th Un-un-birthday, and as usual, the day is a good day to pause and reflect.
Last year I wrote 38 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 38 Years, and people seemed to find some use in it.
This year, I thought I’d share an additional lesson I’ve learned:
You’re not missing out.
Our lives are often ruled by the Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO. (Never heard of FOMO? You’re missing out.)
Some ways we let the fear of missing out rule us:
  1. We check email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks often, in case we’re missing something important.
  2. We try and do the most exciting things, and are constantly in search of exciting things, because we’re worried we might miss out on the fun that others are having.
  3. We constantly read about what other people are doing, and try to emulate them, because it sounds like they’re doing something great that we’re not.
  4. We often want to travel the world, because it seems that other people are living amazing lives by traveling all the time.
  5. We miss what we don’t have, miss places and people who we aren’t with.
  6. We work constantly, because we think if we don’t, we might miss out on opportunities other people will get.
  7. We feel like our own lives are poor in comparison with the great lives others are leading, and so feel bad about ourselves.
I could go on and on, but I have a birthday breakfast to eat (Eva and the kids are baking something delicious), so I’ll stop there.
We fear missing out, but why?
The truth is, we could run around trying to do everything exciting, and travel around the world, and always stay in touch with our iPhones and Crackberries, and work and party all day long without sleep … but we could never do it all. We will always be missing something.
And so, if we cannot help missing out, what is a saner alternative than letting this fear drive us? Let go of it, and realize you have everything right now.
The best in life isn’t somewhere else. It’s right where you are, at this moment. There is nothing better than exactly that.
Pause for just 10 seconds, and notice where you are, what you’re doing, who you are, at this very moment. Notice that you are breathing, and how lovely that is. Notice that you can smile, and feel the joy in that. Notice the good things around you. Give thanks for the people you’ve seen today. Celebrate the perhaps not altogether insignificant fact that you are alive.
This moment, and who you are, is absolutely perfect.
You are missing nothing, because there is nothing better.
You can breathe, and let go of all that fear of missing out, and be happy with what you have. Be grateful, and each moment think not about what you’re missing, but what you’ve been given.
This past year has been my best ever, because each day I have celebrated my Un-birthday with a smile and warmth in my heart. Today, I celebrate my non-un-birthday, and it is perfect. This moment I have spent talking to you is a gift. Thank you, my friends.