Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday fun...

My little Irish~Italian leprechaun was in a creative mood this weekend!  Here's his picture of a leprechaun finding a pot of gold!

Then, he was creating a plane that the Easter Bunny flies around the world in...that's the bunny himself in the cockpit!   Love it!!

Finally, here's his paper chain to help count down the days until our special vacation!  29 days to go (we are counting)!!!

Tomorrow:  church, and bringing out the Easter decorations.  I'll post pics. soon!  Oh, & we'll definitely be spending some time in the yard...the weather is supposed to be amazing this coming week!  Happy weekend!

xo Sarah

Monday, March 12, 2012

How are you saying hello to Monday?

Hello Monday...
Hello back-to-school, doctor appointments, & correcting papers...
Hello to beginning report cards for the end of 2nd trimester...
Hello to our art museum class coming to an end ~ until summer.  
Hello to a 4 day school week (for kids anyway).
Hello to our count-down to our very special month to go!!

Hello to being creative with my little man...any excuse to break out the craft buckets!
  Our tissue paper shamrock, laminated & hanging in our kitchen window.  It looks beautiful in the morning with the sun shining through it.

Here are our foam shamrocks, decorated with stickers, glitter & markers, and strung together on our front door.

I love making decorations for the holidays with my son...hope he never outgrows it!!

Happy Monday!!
xo Sarah

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend away~

Breathtaking...walking around the ocean's edge, and checking out massive ships is simply amazing.
Beautiful...can you imagine when people put in these cobblestone roads?  What work this must have been, and so beautiful to look at now.  The cars sound neat driving over them.
Anchors away!!
Mmmm....lunch!  A croissant filled with fresh lobster and Boston spiced french fries.  I could eat that meal over again!
Yum...Cupcake Charlie's!  These cupcakes were scrumptious - I'm lucky they made it home to share. 
Homeward bound...finally, we took the bridge home to see our families again.  Going home always feels wonderful, after enjoying time away!!

 xo Sarah

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Monday...

What a wonderful Monday...I'm feeling refreshed, relaxed & rejuvenated!  A girl's weekend has that effect on you.  A couple of friends & I got away for the weekend to Newport for some pampering (massages), dinner, poking around shops, lunch on the water, more shopping, and did I mention - relaxation!  It was just what I needed, and I definitely came home feeling less stressed.  I'll post some pics. soon.  Here's to the week ahead...
xo Sarah