Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisa's jewelry!!

Love is my Anchor BraceletLove, love, love Lisa's jewelry!!  I believe this bracelet will be my "welcome to summer vacation" gift to myself.  Am I allowed to do that?  You betcha!!  I love the write up that goes along with this bracelet too..."With love as your anchor, it’s incredible the storms that can be weathered."  Amen to that!  Check out Lisa Leonard Designs. 

Happy Wednesday tomorrow...we're half way to the weekend!
xo Sarah

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday...

What are you saying hello to today? 

Hello Monday...
Hello to summer vacation being right around the corner,
Hello to my little man finishing his kindergarten year - yikes...
Hello to being busy packing boxes,
                                        changing our mailing address on everything,
                                                                                changing over all of our utilities...
there's so much involved in moving, but we can't wait!!

Here's another little sneak peek at our new home! Can't wait to share more...

Happy Monday!
xo Sarah

Sunday, June 10, 2012

wonderful weekend~

This weekend flew by...but we enjoyed every moment! Soccer (only one more game to go this season), family visits, packing lots of boxes, doing a good deed and we found a new home for our swingset (we're getting a new one for our new yard - easier than moving this one), being a part of 2 friends getting baptized, packing more boxes, and putting together our teacher gifts as school ends this week - yikes (for my son...not quite for me)!!

Here's a sneak peek at our teacher gifts. I found the little tags online, bought the cool cups at TJMaxx (my favorite store to poke around in), filled the cups with iced tea packets, and a gift card for each teacher. Hope they enjoy their summer vacation ~ they certainly deserve it!!

Have a fabulous week!
 xo Sarah

Friday, June 1, 2012

New-to-us home...

This is almost our new home ~ and we're so excited...ecstatic to be exact!!  It's an antique colonial from the 1880's, and used to be one of my 5th grade teachers home's.  I have my paint chips picked out for the front door:  a periwinkle blue, pruning the Crabapple tree out front & taking out the Holly bush will be one of my first tasks as well...making some curb appeal!  Wouldn't this home look great with hydrangeas out front, or beachy looking rose bushes!? (Aly, like the ones' you found in Maine!)

I'll keep you posted.  I believe I'll have lots to blog about this summer, between switching grade levels at school and moving to a new home!  Until then, if I'm absent from my blog for a while, I'm packing boxes!!

xo Sarah