Tuesday, January 29, 2013

on a science bedroom mission....

This past weekend...we were on a mission.  It wasn't even my plan going into the weekend to redo my son's bedroom, but he has wanted a science themed bedroom since we moved into our home this past summer.  Something came over me Saturday morning, and I said to him - let's go pick out some paint! 

First of all, I was painting over a wallpaper mural that was in his room - I loved it, but it just wasn't for him.  I researched how to do this, and bought Kilz oil based primer to paint over the wallpaper first.  Then,

I put 2 coats of semi-gloss charcoal gray over the primer.  Next, I used my acrylics to create the Milky Way (or any other celestial outer space body - I'm not so sure it really resembles the Milky Way, but I wouldn't know that for sure anyway - & what counts is that my son loves it!). 

He has under-bed storage for all sorts of toys, a moon phase night light mounted above his bed, with a framed pic. of him at the Museum of Science in a space shuttle. 

Here's his dinosaur fossil corner...

And words above each window....

Our mission:  COMPLETE (almost).  I'm going to add 2 black shelves above his bed for his microscope & other science tools to be displayed on.  And, I'd also like a science themed area rug....

I have to say, I love that this room redo made his room look so neat & organized!!

xo Sarah

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Monday…

Monday’s simply sneak up on me…
Hard to believe another week has gone by, and here’s to a new one beginning.  This week holds a few new things in store for us ~
My son continues his art class after school, and begins taking piano lessons this week – we’re so excited! I always hoped to have him learn an instrument at an early age, so here we go…hopefully he’ll enjoy it.  I’ll keep you posted.  And of course, we have indoor soccer too.  Our schedules are a bit crazy, but we’re having fun!!
Here’s my front door ~ ready for Valentine’s Day!  The dusting of snow that we got tonight looks so pretty on the front porch, and I’m happy to say that’s all the snow that fell!  
Happy week ahead! 
xo Sarah

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One month until <heart> day!!

With one month to go, I decided it was time to begin decorating for Valentine's Day. What better place to begin than with the mantle! I left my silver & red berries from Christmas, and a few gold & silver stars too. I placed some heart shaped plates that I have gotten as gifts over the years, from my mom and mom in law ~ love them! I stacked a few lovey~dovey titled books, put out a Valentine that my son made me a few years ago, and that is my "thankful tree" from Thanksgiving in the middle...I took off our thankful tags, and hung the clay hearts that my son & I made last year. downsized_0115131349
What do you think?  xo Sarah

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday~

Monday, again, already...
I'm home from work today, as we prepare for another foot surgery for my husband.  I'm stripping beds, packing an overnight bag for my son (sleepovers with grandparents are the best - even on a school night), folding laundry, and simply preparing for surgery #???.  I believe we're up to #10 now.  I'm really just trying to make the time pass by today, so we can get to the hospital and get this done.  It's the waiting that drives me crazy!  My husband is resting now, so I'm sipping some tea, & sending out this blog. 
Keep him in your prayers today please.
xo Sarah 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our song for the moment...

Music is such therapy!!  I have music on my ipod for working out, cleaning the house, relaxing (I rarely listen to this music, but it's there), and for rockin' out with my almost 7 year old.  Sometimes I'll hear a song, and remember a moment in the past that I listened to that song & where I was.  Do you ever do that?  ...a middle school dance, my wedding, a song that reminds me of my grandpa...

This particular song is one that my husband and I have been cranking lately - powerful, meaningful for what we are going through right now..."every storm cloud runs out of rain..." 
We're waiting for our storm cloud to run out of rain, but we also know that there's always a reason for life's difficulties.  We are a much stronger couple, our son understands the importance of family, and that disabilities can effect people physically, but don't hold us back.  It's been another emotional week for us, but once again we are pulling together ~ thank goodness for the love of our family & friends.  What would we do without them all!!

To my husband & son ~ Our storm clouds bring us closer!
xo Sarah

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ahhh, New England…

Nov.-Dec. 2012 006
Do you have a favorite place on earth? Do you have a place that you simply love to escape too?  That place would be the Cape for us…I love the clouds in this picture, and the ocean looks like a wintery one.  Brrrrr…

This week, perhaps the weather will make us THINK SPRING, even if just for a short while…makes me think I should put “buy flowers” on my list of things to pick up this week.  Our dining room table could use a bunch, to bring spring into our home!  Enjoy the weather, New Englanders!!
xo Sarah

Monday, January 7, 2013

Helllooooooooooooo Monday...

This Monday brings a five day week with my kiddos at school,
My husband tackling a doctor's appointment alone (unfortunately)~ wish I could have been there for support,
A meeting after school,
Facing homework with my little man again (we've been on a homework hiatas for the last couple of weeks & it's been nice),
Dropping off a few ordered scarves to a dear friend,
Finishing the tin backsplash in our kitchen & painting another wall...
Wow, & it's only Monday!  What will the rest of the week bring!?

I'll leave you with this~ dedicated to my amazing husband, who could use a little lift right about now...love you babe!

xo Sarah

Saturday, January 5, 2013

family pieces~

My favorite pieces in my home have been handed down from family...furniture, dishes, paintings & nic~nacs.  This was my Grandma & Grandpa's bureau in their Cape Cod home in Harwich, before they passed away.  It was stored, relocated, and fortunately became mine when they both left this earth.  We used it as a bureau in our first home...but I love it's use much more now!

The drawer that was removed is tucked under my bed with sweaters in it...until I come up with another idea. 
I believe my grandparents would enjoy knowing that I have many pieces from them in my new home. 

xo Sarah

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Look, New Focuses~

Hello~  I've been focusing a great deal of my time on my two greatest loves...my family & my classroom!  But, new year & I'm back!
I'm looking forward to a year filled with newness, excitement, promises, times filled with loved ones & lots of memory making! 
I wish you the best in 2013!!  Please be sure to check in soon to follow me on my new year's goals, dreams, and plans. 

Best wishes for an amazing new year!

xo Sarah