Friday, March 28, 2014

Maple house~ a must see!!

We visited KE Farms in a nearby town last weekend, to watch the maple syrup process- it was very interesting and delicious!

First, we tasted the clear sap - it was like water...
Then, we went inside to see where production takes place - what a sweet smelling shed! 

We watched it bubble and boil, and chatted with Ernie about how this bitter cold winter had taken a toll on maple syrup production. 
We would recommend a Sunday drive in the next couple of weeks!
We had pancakes& warm syrup for dinner that evening...

xo Sarah 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Orders to fill...

Hello spring(even though it far from feels like it)! This weekend, I've got a list to check off- so I thought I'd better get started tonight...
~first, I've got an order of lemon-rosemary hand scrub to fill, so here I go...
~next, I need to take a trip in the morning to the consignment shop to drop off Michael's "too small clothes", 
~ I was hired to paint another nursery, so I need to start some sketches to show the happy couple: the theme is chevron walls & giraffes, 
~finally, I need to buckle down & finish my report cards ( I'll tackle those Sunday).

Here's my last nursery painting on a 4x3 canvas...cutie Griffin was born on Monday! I hope he loves his nursery!!
Enjoy the weekend!
xo Sarah 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little bit of spring...

The corned beef is in the slow cooker, Irish soda bread recipe is out (thanks Kathy), and the cabbage & carrots are ready to go.
I stopped and picked up a spring bouquet today, for the center of our St. Patrick's Day dinner tomorrow night...bring on spring!!

xo Sarah 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March mantle...

Ahhhh, March...please bring us some warmth! This weekend we're being homebodies (a sick little boy means our weekend comes to a running around). So, I decided to rummage through my hutches, dig through my March bin in the basement ( yes, I have a bin for each season/holiday), and add some green to the mantle. 
The window is from our first home - love that I brought it with us, our green Koolaid pitcher, Sydenstricker plate, angel of Happiness, beach sand in the candleholder, & shamrocks - of course. 
I added in a poem on a card catalog card - diligence is the mother of good luck! 
Happy march!

xo Sarah