Monday, August 27, 2012

Cape Cod Map

My grandparents purchased this map a looong time ago, and used to have it in their Cape Cod home.  When my grandparents passed away, it was the one item that I asked for.  We hung it in our last home in our den/computer room, but I couldn't unroll it all the way because we didn't have a wall that was large enough...well, now we do! 

After hanging it in our spare bedroom, I got a little teary~eyed & wished my grandparents could see it hanging in our new home.  (don't mind the bed...all the tools are laid out for hanging the map just so)

Thinking of you Gram & Gramp!!
xo Sarah

Friday, August 24, 2012

being a team...

Every fall (I know it's not technically, but for some reason I call it fall as soon as school begins), for the past couple of years, we've made a new "chore" chart together.  This year my son & I talked about how our family is a team, and we all have things to do to help one another out. 
This time around, our chore chart is called "Michael's Responsibilities"...I think it sounds better than chores, and the reality is the list is what he's responsible for.
When he completes a responsibility, he puts a check mark on his list ~ I love that his checkmarks are backwards!  :)
Anyway, after 3 checkmarks, he earns 25cents.  Basically, when the chart is full Michael has earned $1.25.  All of these responsibilities don't get accomplished everyday.  For example, we only get the paper delivered Thurs. thru Sunday.  He also has to take some of his earnings & put them into his savings each month...
I'll let you know how this goes!  Hopefully well - we're off to a good start!

PS~ for some reason it's hard to see, but his responsibilities are:  getting dressed every morning, getting the newspaper (from the front walk), setting the table, feeding the dog, & cleaning up toys.
xo Sarah

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tomorrow is my son's last full day of summer, so we are declaring it "Michael Day!" 

Let me preface this by saying that it was an extremely busy summer:  my husband had surgery in June, we moved out of one home & into our amazing new home, I moved from 4th grade to 1st grade, and our wonderful son rolled with it all!

So...tomorrow is Michael Day!  We will be playing outside, playing inside, sketching out our plans for his new science room, walking to get ice cream after lunch, and much much more ~ all revolving around my one & only. 

Can't wait!  Here's to summer, spending time with our children, and making memories...

xo Sarah

Ps- Here's a sneak peek to my classroom theme...owls.  My girlfriend painted this owl, and he's my inspiration for "Whooooooooo's in 1st grade?"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Bucket List...

Every summer, my son & I make our list of things we'd like to do together...sometimes this list involves day trips, or simply things like collecting bugs.  Last summer, I blogged about our summer list and we wrote out our wishes on sticky notes.  This summer, we wrote our wishes on clothespins and clipped them around the rim of a beach pail ~ hence our Summer Bucket List.

I wish the photo came out better.  The clips contain things like:  Museum of Science, firefly collecting, building a new swingset, out for breakfast, ice cream for dinner, hanging out with friends...
Well, here's to summer's unofficial end.  School begins this week for my little (big) man.  Wonder if I'll be a teary-eyed mom as he hops on the bus?  I'll wear my sunglasses that morning, just incase!!

Happy back-to-school!
xo Sarah

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I can see clearly now...

I was singing this song today..." I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..."  This is how I'm feeling at the end of summer vacation.  We are all settled into our new (old) home & loving it, my classroom is just about all set for open house in a little over a week, we've laughed, played, unpacked, and made our house our HOME!

I feel as though I've been away from blogging for an eternity, but I certainly needed the break & the focus to be on family & home.  Isn't it wonderful that I am admitting that?  This summer evokes those 2 wonderful words:  family & home!!
I'll leave you with a peek at my new front porch (more to come).  Today we planted 3 Endless Summer Hydrangeas and 2 beach grass.  The Holly bush has been taken down, and beachy plants have taken its place.  Next up:  new paint on the front door!
Hope summer has been good to you all!

xo Sarah