Monday, July 28, 2014

The MORE of Soups & Sauces has been busy...

Well, we've been busy being creative in this house!! {love it!}

First, I finished a painting that I was hired to do for a baby girl's's being shipped to another state- so exciting!!

My husband whipped up a couple batches of his amazing, homemade Blueberry/Cinnamon & Peach/Ginger jam. All I can say is YUM!!

I finally sat down in my studio and painted the beach rocks that I've been collecting- great for paper weights, inspiration, doorstops, or simply decoration on a table top. {I have beach rocks everywhere!} They're packaged & ready for sale and gift giving!!


I finished up a few more small canvases - a couple friends have ordered them for gifts- thank you!!

Finally ~ I love that while I ws painting, my son was sketching next to me! Love him!!

It was a great weekend, full of creativity!!

xo Sarah 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blueberry goodness...

It all began with picking fresh blueberries! From there, we washed them, mashed them, & cooked them up {my husband did the cooking part}, filled the jars, baked the jars and jam to seal them...

...and voila!! Homemade blueberry/cinnamon jam!! ~Soups,Sauces & More~

Enjoy the berries of summer!
xo Sarah 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art inspires art!!

We took a trip to our local art museum today ~ one of our summer bucket list items to do. We had a fabulous time checking out all the exhibits for a few hours, and then hit up an ice cream shop on our way home {yum}!!

When we got home, I just needed to paint!

Here's one of my creations. Then, I had a few other canvases that needed finishing touches, so they got finished as well...

Oops, upside down- I think you get the picture!
Anyway, some are for sale, some are gifts. Can't wait to share them all with others!!
Those of you who live your emails for exciting news! Our barn will be opening soon(August)...see you there!

xo Sarah

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another project...

Old windows- love them!! This one came out of our kitchen, and is being recycled!
I had a brainstorm, got out my sander {thanks to my good friend Alyssa, I asked for a sander for Christmas}, polyurethane, and paint...
First, I thought cream would do, then...I saw this blue-
And, voila... I created a memo board for the kitchen, pantry, wherever you think you need to jot notes or a quote!
Here's a better pic, without me in the reflection...

What do you think? It's for sale! And I've got others that are similar!!

xo Sarah