Wednesday, February 22, 2012

party celebrations - space themed!

I LOVE decorating for parties, putting a theme together, and setting up all the finishing touches.  My husband loves to prepare the food, and bake (he didn't always love to do the baking, but he's really talented at that too). 
Here's our outer space birthday party for our 6 year old.  It was a lot of fun to plan, organize, and set up for.  The best part:  he & his friends had a blast today!
As the astronauts entered our home, this was the sign they encountered.  We started the party off with a rocket ship making craft - thanks to Crayola Glow really glows!
This is all we needed to make our recycled water bottle rocketships! 

 This photo didn't come out as well as I had a darkened room I thought you'd be able to tell it was glowing.  I guess not, but they really do glow!

The table was set & we crafted away...then, the kids drew on chart paper, made signs with outer space foam stickers, and played with our Fisher Price Imaginext space station & rocket ship.  (This was so I could clean up the table, to get ready for lunch)
We had pizza, carrots, cucumbers, & grapes for lunch (astronauts need to eat healthy)!  Then, we played help the rocket ship land on the moon....

And finally, we finished off our party with cupcakes, cake & (my favorite part) Space ice cream!  I printed a label off of the computer & wrapped it around Klondike bars - don't you love it !!
The best part of all?  My son had so much fun with a few friends over February vacation.  They played with each other for a few hours, my son was very happy, and we are now officially done with his birthday parties - that was a nice ending to the festivities!
xo Sarah


  1. What a blast!!!! That was so awesome. Space ice cream? Like the little freeze dried MREs or the dots ice cream? Great ideas! My little one would probably tell you the names of the first dogs in space!

  2. Will had the best time and the glow sand rocks!!! (no pun intended!) It's on his shelf to glow at night! Yes, Michael has to come over soon to play in "the cave." Almost done!! ;)