Tuesday, February 28, 2012

let it snow...not while the daffodils are popping up!

I thought this afternoon I was ready to redecorate my hutch with spring~like dishes...but then the weather came on, and I was reminded that snow is on the way.  I shouldn't be complaining...we haven't had any major snow fall since Halloween!  But, at this point, I'm about ready for spring.  The daffodils have started pushing through the earth, and I'm really hoping the snow doesn't hurt them. 
I decided to leave my hutch for another day, and left my snowman out of the shelf...he'll be happy to watch the snow fall!
Have you ever tried this?  I bought an inexpensive bag of coffee beans, spread them out on top of my grandmother's cake plate, with a few candles mixed in, and voila ~ there's a hint of coffee scent as you walk into my dining room ~ smells like a fresh brewed pot of coffee....I'm loving this.  Thought I'd share. 
Enjoy the week - stay warm!
xo Sarah