Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wedding bells~

Here's a little peek at some of the other creative displays at my brother's wedding this past weekend...Did I mention what an incredible time was had by all?!!  It was an amazing day!
First, came the set up ~ seashells for place cards, centerpieces, gift table...

Flip flops for dancing the night away, when feet are tired of heels...
My Mom's bouquet was the sweetest thing...look at it against the shade of purple that she wore!!
These beach themed tea lite holders were adorable, too.  And, looked amazing lit up at night...
Italian cookies, a sundae bar, and coffee bar ended the evening, along with dancing, and mingling under the tent and out on the lawn. 

 The festivities ended with a fireworks display over the lake!  Perfect ending for the perfect day!!!

xoxo J&K

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  1. Okay, all of that needs to be published in a magazine! The table of cookies in the slide show is INCREDIBLE!!!! What a perfect and beautiful job!!!! Every one looked beautifully handsome! ;) Three cheers for the happy couple! xo Aly