Tuesday, June 7, 2011

thoughts of summer...

My preschooler is done with school, he has one more soccer game for the summer, and the end of the school year is certainly in sight for me too!  Where has the time gone??  Do you ever feel as though you need to stop & smell the roses (or the pansies - my roses aren't blooming quite yet).  We're working on our summer list, like we've done for the past 2 years...when we've got it posted in our home, I'll show it to you.  We got the idea from friends of ours a few years ago.  So far, our list looks like this...
1.  The Aquarium
2. A visit to Cape Cod (after Daddy's surgery)
3. Uncle Johnny's Wedding (& being the ring bearer, of course)
4. Finishing my first childrens' book
5. A few boat rides
6. Going to the drive-in
7. Ice cream for supper (we do this once every summer)
8. Camping in the backyard in our new tent!
9. "Free ~ Fun" days, with some friends
10.....more to come...

Bring on summer!!!


  1. I thought of a few more...
    *soccer camp
    *sleepover at G&G's
    *Tim McGraw

  2. Yay! Good to hear he is going to soccer camp! Will is too ;) Today is an exciting day!!!! love ya!