Monday, February 18, 2013

Super Science Fun!

I believe our Super Science birthday party was a huge success...if five kids enjoyed themselves, laughed a lot, and had fun putting their hands in the messes of science, I'd say it was successful!
I'm also gauging my success on the smile on my son's face ~ he definitely had fun with his friends!
We completed 5 different science experiments, and each child went home with a lab book, magnifying glass, safety goggles, and (of course) a small goody bag. 
The kids had to 'scan' to enter the laboratory...
chose their own color safety goggles, and picked up a magnifying glass...
put on a scientist lab coat when they arrived (an oversized t shirt to keep their clothes clean),
...and the experimenting began!!
7~ how can that be?!  I hope to enjoy his birthday parties with him for as long as I can!  Now, for the rest of vacation...

xo Sarah

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