Monday, February 25, 2013

Arms of the Angels...

I'm a "smiling when it's raining" kind of gal...takes a lot to bring me down.  Today was one of those days.  Here's what is on my mind~

*it was Monday (Monday after vacation)
*I have been praying for two kiddos that we know who were recently diagnosed with leukemia
*my girlfriend's little man is fighting for his life at Boston Children's...God has heard his name a lot lately in my prayers
*a teacher I work with found out her breast cancer came back
*a young girl from our home town took her own life...

I rushed home from work, hugged my two loves at home, and spent extra time tonight tucking in my little man.  Count your blessings, take a breath, slow down, and spend some extra time with your family this week...and above all else, always say I love you to those you love. 

love you all,
xo Sarah

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