Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our song for the moment...

Music is such therapy!!  I have music on my ipod for working out, cleaning the house, relaxing (I rarely listen to this music, but it's there), and for rockin' out with my almost 7 year old.  Sometimes I'll hear a song, and remember a moment in the past that I listened to that song & where I was.  Do you ever do that?  ...a middle school dance, my wedding, a song that reminds me of my grandpa...

This particular song is one that my husband and I have been cranking lately - powerful, meaningful for what we are going through right now..."every storm cloud runs out of rain..." 
We're waiting for our storm cloud to run out of rain, but we also know that there's always a reason for life's difficulties.  We are a much stronger couple, our son understands the importance of family, and that disabilities can effect people physically, but don't hold us back.  It's been another emotional week for us, but once again we are pulling together ~ thank goodness for the love of our family & friends.  What would we do without them all!!

To my husband & son ~ Our storm clouds bring us closer!
xo Sarah

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