Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One month until <heart> day!!

With one month to go, I decided it was time to begin decorating for Valentine's Day. What better place to begin than with the mantle! I left my silver & red berries from Christmas, and a few gold & silver stars too. I placed some heart shaped plates that I have gotten as gifts over the years, from my mom and mom in law ~ love them! I stacked a few lovey~dovey titled books, put out a Valentine that my son made me a few years ago, and that is my "thankful tree" from Thanksgiving in the middle...I took off our thankful tags, and hung the clay hearts that my son & I made last year. downsized_0115131349
What do you think?  xo Sarah


  1. I like the thought of gathering things from around the house and making a display! I do it all the time and love visiting my things both old and new!

  2. How did you make your clay valentine hearts?

    1. Hello, we made homemade dough - salt, flour & water - I found the recipe online. Then we used a heart shaped cookie cutter, pushed a hole in the top of each, and let the dough dry. Once dry, my son painted them. I put twine through the holes, and have saved them to hang each year for Valentine's Day.