Tuesday, January 29, 2013

on a science bedroom mission....

This past weekend...we were on a mission.  It wasn't even my plan going into the weekend to redo my son's bedroom, but he has wanted a science themed bedroom since we moved into our home this past summer.  Something came over me Saturday morning, and I said to him - let's go pick out some paint! 

First of all, I was painting over a wallpaper mural that was in his room - I loved it, but it just wasn't for him.  I researched how to do this, and bought Kilz oil based primer to paint over the wallpaper first.  Then,

I put 2 coats of semi-gloss charcoal gray over the primer.  Next, I used my acrylics to create the Milky Way (or any other celestial outer space body - I'm not so sure it really resembles the Milky Way, but I wouldn't know that for sure anyway - & what counts is that my son loves it!). 

He has under-bed storage for all sorts of toys, a moon phase night light mounted above his bed, with a framed pic. of him at the Museum of Science in a space shuttle. 

Here's his dinosaur fossil corner...

And words above each window....

Our mission:  COMPLETE (almost).  I'm going to add 2 black shelves above his bed for his microscope & other science tools to be displayed on.  And, I'd also like a science themed area rug....

I have to say, I love that this room redo made his room look so neat & organized!!

xo Sarah

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  1. A scientist for sure!!! I bet he LOVES it! ;)