Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween decorating

Hello...I've been swamped with first grade ~ making lots of games, learning new curriculum, and basically doing a great deal of cutting and laminating at night instead of posting to my blog!!

My son has kept me focused on our new home, as he loves Halloween, and all of our decorations have managed to appear just about everywhere.  Our porch is decorated, our staircase, mantle, and living room too.  We have these neat, yet simple, ghosts in a few of our windows.  We call them Toohil-ghosts, for our friend that first introduced us to them.  Simply cut window sized ghosts out of large white paper, and hang them in your windows.  I must say, they do look great when you drive by our home!  I'll try to post more pics of what they look like from the outside. 
Happy October!!

xo Sarah