Friday, March 21, 2014

Orders to fill...

Hello spring(even though it far from feels like it)! This weekend, I've got a list to check off- so I thought I'd better get started tonight...
~first, I've got an order of lemon-rosemary hand scrub to fill, so here I go...
~next, I need to take a trip in the morning to the consignment shop to drop off Michael's "too small clothes", 
~ I was hired to paint another nursery, so I need to start some sketches to show the happy couple: the theme is chevron walls & giraffes, 
~finally, I need to buckle down & finish my report cards ( I'll tackle those Sunday).

Here's my last nursery painting on a 4x3 canvas...cutie Griffin was born on Monday! I hope he loves his nursery!!
Enjoy the weekend!
xo Sarah