Saturday, August 10, 2013


Well, well, well my friends ~ I have definitely been enjoying summer much so that I have been on a huge vacation from my blog!!

This summer, we have traveled, spent time with family & friends, had a guest from Wales stay with us, attended camps, dipped our toes in the ocean a few times, and have also had time to simply enjoy the view from our front porch!
It's been an amazing summer ~ THE best summer in 4 years!  I say this because 4 years ago my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure, and every summer since has been a whirl~wind...but not this summer.  We have enjoyed LIFE together (even with a recent surgery)!  Amen!!

So with that said, I've also been accomplishing many projects around the house.  I promise to start blogging about them & sharing them with you. 

Happy summer - please enjoy sometime with family - and always say I love you!
xo Sarah