Friday, June 1, 2012

New-to-us home...

This is almost our new home ~ and we're so excited...ecstatic to be exact!!  It's an antique colonial from the 1880's, and used to be one of my 5th grade teachers home's.  I have my paint chips picked out for the front door:  a periwinkle blue, pruning the Crabapple tree out front & taking out the Holly bush will be one of my first tasks as well...making some curb appeal!  Wouldn't this home look great with hydrangeas out front, or beachy looking rose bushes!? (Aly, like the ones' you found in Maine!)

I'll keep you posted.  I believe I'll have lots to blog about this summer, between switching grade levels at school and moving to a new home!  Until then, if I'm absent from my blog for a while, I'm packing boxes!!

xo Sarah