Monday, March 12, 2012

How are you saying hello to Monday?

Hello Monday...
Hello back-to-school, doctor appointments, & correcting papers...
Hello to beginning report cards for the end of 2nd trimester...
Hello to our art museum class coming to an end ~ until summer.  
Hello to a 4 day school week (for kids anyway).
Hello to our count-down to our very special month to go!!

Hello to being creative with my little man...any excuse to break out the craft buckets!
  Our tissue paper shamrock, laminated & hanging in our kitchen window.  It looks beautiful in the morning with the sun shining through it.

Here are our foam shamrocks, decorated with stickers, glitter & markers, and strung together on our front door.

I love making decorations for the holidays with my son...hope he never outgrows it!!

Happy Monday!!
xo Sarah