Wednesday, January 18, 2012

organizing 101...

I love shoe organizers, you know, the ones that hang inside of a closet door?  But, I don't use them for shoes.  I have one set of shoe organizers (in a blue Waverly pattern) inside of my den closet.  The pockets hold all of those little items that we never used to be able to find such as cords, accessories, or extra parts. 
For example, this pocket holds ipod accessories:  cords, manuals, cases, etc. 
This pocket holds memory cards for our cameras and camcorder.  
 Some of the other pockets hold things such as:  discs, our label maker, binoculars, monitors, batteries, and Leapster games. 

The uses are endless, and everything stays organized.  The best part ~ when we're looking for a certain cord, we know where it is (or at least where it should be)! 
   xo Sarah

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