Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer list...

Well, here it is so far...our summer list!!
On the left, are sticky notes that we would still like to accomplish together.  On the right, are things that we have done already!  What an exciting summer it has been!!
I keep a photo of our lists from every summer, so that we can look back & remember the fun things we did with one another.  Next week, we're off to the Cape for one more week.  We're planning on going on a whale watch - that should be fun!  When we come home, we need to find a cool night to sleep outside in our new tent.  Camping in our backyard is on our "not done" list....and Michael keeps reminding us of that!  Enjoy the month of August ~ I'm sure it's going to fly by!!!


  1. Oh boy! I'd be scared to sleep in my backyard and I'm sure you'd be too! Fisher Cats are not too friendly, but if Michael is up for an adventure come on over! :)

  2. If I hear a scream like that again, while I'm in a tent, I'm not sure what I would do...I hope I don't freeze in fear! Hmmmmm, maybe we can put the tent in our living room instead!! ;)