Sunday, July 10, 2011

science class...or church?

Yikes!!  This is what welcomed us into church last stopped everyone in their tracks, to say the least.  My 5 year old, Michael, didn't want to go in to church...he would have preferred to just hang around outside & wait until this bug flew away.

I took my camera out, and snapped his (the bugs) photo, and convinced Michael that we could look the bug up at home in his field guide book of insects.  Needless to say, when we left church, our winged friend was still there.  When we got home, Michael took out his bug book, and found our friend!  This is the Eastern Dobsonfly ~ crazy, huh?!  My little bug man discovered him, and was so proud!  They live around here in rivers, and streams...he must have flown away to find his mate.

Hope you learned a little something from this bug lesson!  Enjoy the week everyone!!  :)


  1. That's gross! Dave would've run the other way, I think!! Lol! ;)Glad we missed it! xo Aly

  2. EEEW! Just kidding. We love nature and would have been just as fascinated by the bug too!

  3. Aly, don't tell Dave, but they probably live in your backyard - in the river!! :)