Thursday, February 17, 2011


One more day of school, until February vacation...I've started my to-do-list already...
Do you live by lists?  They make me feel organized , and keep me focused on my goals.  I never feel as though I need to complete my list, but it helps give me a sense of accomplishment.
Here's what it looks like so far:
  1. pick gray paint for front door
  2. organize & clean out coat closet
  3. visit the Salvation Army with bags of clothes
  4. Play Star Wars with Michael (Lightsabers...or Lightsavers, as he call them)
  5. finish goody bags for Michael's birthday party
  6. write thank you's
  7. correct gobs of papers from this past week at school 
  8. play with Michael
  9. and, play with Michael
  10. and...take a few family naps!


  1. I love lists! You forgot one...visit the Goodwill with Aly:). Yay! Vacation!!!

  2. I actually have a couple bags of clothes to take there too. Let's pick a day! We need to check out the new consignment shop in Oxford also. It's called YoUnique!! Looks adorable!